There are millions and millions of people in the world who are cat lovers, but not necessarily all of them as I call it are Cat-sane, by this, I mean, having complete

“Cats and women will do as they please..”         -Robert A. Heinlein

knowledge about their cats, every cat is different from the other, yet they share a few mutual characteristics. Generally we like them because they are furry, please the eyes, extremely adorable, are of a certain color we like and as  few ladies here and there claimed, we like them because “cats are a sign of feminism.”


Cats are very intelligent animals, not to forget extremely arrogant, when you own a cat, the cat owns you and will act as a member rather than a pet, cats are medium friendly and very moody animals, they`ll snuggle, they`ll play, they`ll respond to you only when they want to, some of the times they`ll even put a question mark on your existence, pretty hurtful right? But that’s how they are, and that’s the reason why many owners love them so much, unbroken and unbent and pretty darn cute.



They enjoy pampering as much any millionaire brat does, and can get used to of all the expensive treats you bring for them without any adjustment issues, if they like how you treat them they will purr when you hold them, or would sit near you, sleep where you are working, they will become even softer and lighter when you hold them, they won’t resist at all… The opposite is expected if they don’t like you, I remember Angelo(my first cat) responding to me alone no matter how hard anyone squeezed her or how angry my siblings made her she just won’t make a sound unless she wanted too, a stubborn feline, but she was the apple of my eye. I experienced that with almost all of my long list of cats that I grew up with, sadly many departed due to old age, and we welcomed many new generations as well.


Like all animals they mark their territory, they rub their bodies against their owners legs to mark their scent, so if any other cat would come close they`ll know this person owns another cat, they generally smell your legs and feet to know where you have been if you go

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.”                            -James Herriot

out. They also use it as a mean to invite other cats for mating. They enjoy sleeping on smelly clothes, and would sit on anything they see you using or working with, not to forget if you keep things stacked up in corners or shelves where they can reach they will make a few of those places their usual spots and one of them their headquarters, you find them there almost all the time when you can’t find them anywhere else. Anything they sit on is theirs, so they practically take over everything you own, slowly and gradually.


I would conclude by saying no matter what reason makes you fancy them, be it their furry coats, their round beautiful-full of life eyes, their adorable paws, their playful acts, or any other positive motive, always keep in mind that they are all filled with genuine emotions and can sense emotions and react accordingly, with love and a pinch of arrogance. Feed them right and be generous while showing your affection, all they require is your time and attention.


I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.
-Jules Verne



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