I give you, LIFE…

Are you as blind as you think you are?

“People complaint about things they are in control of, things that can be changed if they only wanted them too, things that shouldn’t be made fuss about but maybe they enjoy the drama that comes with it, so they better leave it the way it is…”

This is what generally people think when they see someone in pain or talking about what hurt them, it might not be what they say but what they feel after the second or third time they see the an individual experiencing something negative from the same person…
To be honest I have seen people die more, thinking about how people react to their feelings than what actually hurt them in the first place, this idea that one needs attention and for that everyone in their own personal space generate a drama cycle so they may feel visible to the ones they love, is not as true as many people think it is, some would prefer to be left alone when they experience pain, some would want only a few  people to interact with them, others would want only their lover to be with them,

People are different and they have their own ways, they like being who they are only if we let each other be that way, excepting that individuals may have problems that are not the similar to yours, learning that we grow by letting people in and we are stagnant if we don’t interact and be open about our feelings towards others, learn to have patience the other might be trying his hardest to be there for, but also learn to be nice enough to yourself that you not let anyone make you feel petty, maintain your ground and don’t be harsh to others.

I have seen the younger generation use terms like these  “Life Is Full Of Sh*T” “Life Su*Ks” commonly over posts and their normal daily conversations now a days, over insignificant things,or when they think something is not going as they expect it to be they say “This Is Life”… So young, free of responsibilities so naive,  how can you label life in one dimension, claiming everything negative that happens is  life , too inexperience to say that first of all and no one is ever at any age wise enough to claim that life is just that, life is beautiful in all of its shades, every single one of them… it is beautiful irrespective of what anyone thinks about it…

“Every individual represents a unity of personality and the individual then fashions that unity. The individual is thus both the picture and the artist. Therefore if one can change one’s concept of self, they can change the picture being painted.”
-Alfred Adler

Life is the beauty in the birth of a child, life is the peace in bond of two lovers, life is the unconditional love between the mother and her child, life is the security by a father for his family, life is this, right here right now… this is life, don’t categorize it don’t categorize
people let them be, let yourself be what you want to be, let go of the worldly desires and you shall be free of all the things that hold you down, be content in what you have, be gracious and helpful towards others see the good in them the same way you want others to see in yourself.


Be kind and have courage…


7 thoughts on “I give you, LIFE…

  1. Great Definition of life…..
    Life is the beauty in the birth of a child, life is the peace in bond of two lovers, life is the unconditional love between the mother and her child, life is the security by a father for his family.
    Life is awesome……

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  2. I really like the part about the definition of life…its brief but deep and beautiful,sums everything up in few meaningful sentences. Nice work 😜🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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