Thankful or not?

Should you ever come across someone so full of life, sit with them and ask their story of life, in that story you will learn how they have constantly tried, to strive for a better future to make a better life out of what was thrown at them, in our comfy sofas we look up at the blog posts and the ted talks and the inspirational videos, the question here comes what are you really doing with your life, life is not in the comfort of your home neither in the peaceful sleep that you have every night knowing that tomorrow you will wake up to a morning tea by your mother and a warm delicious breakfast, how hard do you make your life sound?? when you take a proper meal every day, have a comfortable conveyance, good people to talk to and most importantly a healthy sane mind, which we are not that grateful about, I have hardly heard anyone being thankful to ALLAH about having a fully functioning healthy brain.

A few years back I met and old man he told me I thank ALLAH every single day for blessing me with a healthy brain, that I don’t have to depend upon any drug to keep me gravitated to the grounds of normal, that I can achieve whatever I want and be proud of myself.

I say your life is easy if you have that with you, that sanity, you can reach to any level of success that you desire just by working hard, there are people who don’t even have that to start with, the fight constantly just to maintain their sanity for a little while, they are thankful for that little time they get to be normal, what about us?


Have we ever thought about this?


Have you??


Have you ever searched your mind, what if all this that we perceive and all this that we feel isn’t there, if our reality was maladjusted and that we would be told numerous times that it’s not how things are and that we need to take up innumerable medicines to get our brain to function just the same as  the everyone else, like many of the ones who don’t even know this is a blessing, a supreme blessing where we can reach our true potential and not worry about a thing in the world and be happy and be at peace.

If that’s not be thankful about I don’t know what is…


What is life? Another difficult set questions, to get the answers one must dive deep into the ocean of insanity…


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