I am Bushra, welcome to my virtual home, its  pleasure having you here..

Fighting through everything and everyone at one level or the other I have realized that, this is how i have succeeded in life, fighting for the survival of the very essence i call “me, myself and I” which is in all ways very dear to me…  I enjoy sharing my personal experiences and perspective with as many people as I can find, for the reason that I have learned more than once, life saving advises just by going through  random blog or by listening to an experience shared by a friend or a  colleague, I believe that life sometimes becomes really thin and that you want to let it pass by your hands, but having to know others succeeded in overcoming those times, gives us hope and for that reason I write, and be that hope that might not save whole life but I will work hard to save your day at-least…

I am a Clinical Psychologist, and a helping hand for anyone who needs one.


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